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When optical players get into sport

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Sport represents an important lever of what is called soft-power. This concept often linked to lobbying and which defines a 'soft' influence is often expressed at the marketing level. Optical players have understood this well. When we talk about sport, we think of physical and mental strength. But it also represents many values. Self-giving, solidarity, fair play … Sport conveys characteristics that any company seeks to represent.

Optical players and sport: a win-win approach

Sport is also players with a strong influence. Especially in the age of social networks. So brands see it as an opportunity to showcase their products and their latest innovations. While research and development is perpetual in the world of optics, accompanying top-level athletes has many advantages.

While endorsement can sometimes seem opportunistic, it is often justified in the employment of sportsmen. Thus, very recently, on the occasion of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Zeiss Vision Care announced its partnership with Thomas Chirault, member of the French Olympic archery team. At 23, Thomas is nearsighted and astigmatic.

Zeiss comes into play and has designed frames that take into account Thomas Chirault's personal parameters of wearing glasses, his morphology and his practice. The measurements were carried out using the Zeiss Visufit 1000 instrument, which allows the most precise 3D centering. As for the lenses, they are equipped with UVProtect technology. Protection equivalent to UV400 sunglasses while being as transparent as conventional lenses.


In addition, the lenses are designed to resist changing weather conditions. When the natural light changes, it is necessary to be able to maintain an optimal level of comfort so that the athlete can fully concentrate on his performance. They therefore eliminate the elements of light oscillating horizontally, most often responsible for glare and ensure optimal vision of contrasts.

This partnership offers a double advantage: it guarantees to the athlete a performance optimized for his practice and his needs. For the brand, this is an opportunity to demonstrate its know-how and achieve a high-level marketing coup.

Promising partnerships, focused on the future and results

If the athlete is fulfilled and in addition, he achieves a performance, then the success is total. David Gaudu, 11th in the Tour de France 2021, was equipped for this edition by the French brand Julbo ,


Best French climber, he rode all the competition with Ultimate RX Reactiv 1-3 sunglasses adapted to his eyesight. Tested during the French Championships in June 2020, frames offering a wide field of vision and equipped with photochromic lenses have been in favor. 'I saw the difference at the end of the race when the conditions deteriorated. We save fatigue and gain comfort in terms of the head, vision and the central periphery of the upper body. "

This constant search for detail among sportspeople high level, optical manufacturers are able to participate fully.

Go further, together

This is also the case in motorsport, where the French Alpine F1 team has signed a partnership with Shamir to become its optical performance partner. This partnership led to the creation of the first visual performance laboratory ever created in Formula 1.

The idea is to provide state-of-the-art ophthalmic assessment to Alpine F1 Team drivers and the 'Alpine Academy, but also to members of the Alpine F1 Team refueling teams, pits and staff.


This high-end partnership brings together engineers from Alpine and those from Shamir, who together study new technologies to improve racing performance and safety with an emphasis on vision, through anti-glare glasses , colored visors and anti-fog lenses for mechanics' helmets, among other innovations.

As a bonus, the team of Formula 1 and staff at the Viry-Châtillon (FRA) and Enstone (GB) bases benefit from in-depth ophthalmic follow-ups, and the most advanced Shamir optical safety equipment and lenses designed to improve their visual performance.

On August 1, 2021, French driver Sébastien Ocon claimed his first F1 victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix. His team-mate, the Spanish legend Fernando Alonso, is placed in 4th position.

This type of partnership has become an essential marketing element for brands, and is promised to be renewed in the weather.