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Top: your favorite optical subjects in 2023!

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The entire Eyes-Road team wishes you an excellent year 2024. It is a good idea, like every start of the year, to discover the subjects that have fascinated you, you optics professionals (but not only), in 2023. The year was rich in diverse and varied subjects and there is no doubt that 2024, in view of current events, will be made of the same wood. Let's immediately discover our podium of favorite optical subjects of 2023, with, for this year, 100% health subjects!

In 3rd place among favorite optical subjects: stress, a determining factor for vision

For once, we start with the third step of the podium, with a file that will remain strongly in the news. Stress , in fact, is part of our lives, and remains an enemy to combat on a daily basis. In this file, we return to the links between vision and stress, and how the latter can be reduced.


The article explores the impact of stress on vision by highlighting the vicious cycle formed by the stress agent, the stress reaction, and the attitude. Stress can trigger physical reactions, including dilation of the pupils, causing symptoms such as blurred vision, sensitivity to light, or headaches. It also highlights indirect stress reactions, such as increased blood pressure, which can lead to serious eye problems.

Emphasizing the need to heed these stress signals. alert, the article encourages questioning lifestyle and suggests ways, such as meditation, to reduce the harmful effects of stress on vision.

Favorite Optical Topic #2: How do hormonal changes affect vision?

In this second topic, we explore the close relationship between hormonal changes and vision , highlighting the different hormones that influence eye health at various stages of life. Gonadotropin-releasing hormone, for example, which appears in adolescence, can cause temporary myopia during puberty. Progesterone and estrogen, linked to pregnancy, can cause dry eye problems.

pregnant woman

While aging, accompanied by a decrease in hormones in women (menopause) and men, contributes to visual symptoms such as dry eyes, blurred vision and risks of glaucoma . Thyroid hormones and insulin also impact vision, with increased risks of AMD and retinopathy for people with diabetes.

Most read topic in 2023: Thyroid ophthalmopathy: symptoms, causes and treatments


Finally, the most read article this year examines thyroid ophthalmopathy , an autoimmune condition linked to thyroid hormone levels, exploring its origins, symptoms and factors. of risk.

This eye disease, associated with hyperthyroidism, causes an autoimmune response attacking the tissues around the eyes. Women are more affected, and smoking is recognized as an aggravating risk factor. Symptoms include dry eye, itching, swelling of the eyelids, watery eyes, proptosis, double vision, and eye misalignment.

Diagnosis involves medical consultations, often with ophthalmologists and endocrinologists. Treatments include medications, radiation, and sometimes surgery.

Your favorite optical topics are health-related

We understand, the year 2023 has given pride of place to health issues. Rest assured, other topics consulted covered various, and often lighter, questions. In any case, the year 2024 will still be rich for the Eyes-Road blog, and we hope to see many of you there!