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The optics of athletes: combine comfort and trend!

24 juillet 2018

With sunny days, sports practice tends to become widespread. In France, nearly 40% of the population practices at least one sport on a regular basis! As sports equipment is essential for a safe and enjoyable practice, optical equipment must adapt to several constraints. We offer a review of these and sector trends! Comfort in all […]

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Protect your eyes during the summer: how to advise your customers?

17 juillet 2018

Summer is here and with it, the preparations for the holidays. It's the rush on sunglasses! Of course, everyone knows that wearing quality solar is the first precaution, but not only! To protect your eyes , other tips are to be prescribed. Protect your eyes with vitamin A: to strengthen the retina Overexposure to sunlight […]

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View and food: how to advise your customers?

19 juin 2018

Everyone knows that a healthy and varied diet is essential for the proper functioning of our body. But did you know that certain foods are beneficial to eyesight , or even help fight visual disorders like AMD ? Here are some food tips to share with your customers to maintain good visual health ! Vitamin […]

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How to make your clients aware of glaucoma screening?

14 avril 2018

Did you know that glaucoma was the leading cause of total blindness and that it now affects 1 million people in France? However, 400 000 French would be reached without knowing it! Considered a "silent" disease, glaucoma is easily detected by rapid and painless examination. Age, family history … learn about risk factors to better […]

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