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LED light: What are the risks for Vision?

6 décembre 2019

LED lighting (light-emitting diodes) is a very widely used technology. It has many advantages: bulbs that do not heat, energy saving, longer life … in short, it would be absurd to do without. But what about our eyes ? LED technology, what is it? From a technical point of view, there is no better lighting […]

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Tinted glasses: how to advise your customers?

26 novembre 2019

Choosing tinted lenses can be challenging for a customer. Indeed, several criteria are to be taken into consideration. Again, each person has different needs and expectations . We propose you to make a point on the advice to lavish. Choice of tinted lenses: very different criteria @Pixabay [/ caption] There are four main criteria that […]

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Back to the 2019 Silmo

17 octobre 2019

The 53 th edition of Silmo Paris was held from September 27 to 30. Back on a lounge growing success year after year. For this new vintage World Optics, there were 35,888 visitors, an increase of 2.5 % compared to 2018. The majority of visitors were international but the French were, of course, the rendezvous. […]

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Opticians: how to advise children in the shop?

30 août 2019

With the constant evolution of myopia in particular, the need for glasses intervenes more and more early. Younger, the need to renew equipment is also stronger, because the view changes rapidly. This is how the child has become a target of choice, as well as parents, to be satisfied. The child at the optician: more […]

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Optical Standards: How to navigate?

22 août 2019

Standards are sets of technical rules and criteria that define a type of object, a product, or a process. All industries or products of commerce are subject to it, so of course also applies to optical products . These standards are all the more stringent as they concern, in this case, medical devices or protection […]

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