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Contact lens intolerance: how to help your clients?

6 mars 2023
Reading time : 3 minutes

Contact lenses have many advantages over glasses, the first being to track eye movement. They also offer the comfort of "being forgotten" and are not subject to the problems of fogging or scratches. Despite these good points, it can happen that the lenses become difficult to bear, even for regulars. So how do you advise […]

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Ski goggles: importance and innovation

20 février 2023
Reading time : 3 minutes

The winter period is in full swing. For ski enthusiasts, this is an opportunity to renew their equipment. On the vision side, the importance of ski goggles is well established. The latter are not immune to innovation. Manufacturers are increasingly trying to offer equipment that lasts and offers all the necessary protection. Opticians, especially sports-oriented […]

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DOSSIER Optical teleconsultation: does it work?

9 février 2023
Reading time : 4 minutes

Teleconsultation is a great success with general practitioners. It allows patients to consult their practitioner without leaving home in certain cases (renewal of prescription…) Facilitating, it makes it possible to respond in part to the problem of medical deserts. In a context where making an appointment with an ophthalmologist can be very difficult, does optical […]

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Partnerships between brands for a more ethical perspective

30 janvier 2023
Reading time : 2 minutes

The question of ethics in the commercial sector is not new. Although operations are flourishing, there is still much to do. Lately, players in the optical industry have felt it necessary to join forces to strengthen the second life market, but also in solidarity campaigns. Overview of some of these operations. Why partnerships for a […]

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Make-up and optics: how to advise your clients?

5 décembre 2022
Reading time : 3 minutes

Do make-up and optics go hand in hand? We don't necessarily think about it, but makeup can have harmful consequences for the eyes. Nothing too serious, fortunately. But as professionals, your clients may wonder about the issue. Here are some tips for them. Make-up and optics: simple gestures to avoid infections The skin of the […]

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